Private Drivers Online Pty Ltd - Safety Management Policy

PREAMBLE: Driver affiliates of Private Drivers Online Pty Ltd are independent sub-contractors and should read these policies and guidelines as an aggregate of their total driving activities across multiple platforms and authorised providers.

1. Purpose
The purpose of this Safety Management Policy is to establish guidelines and procedures to ensure the safety and well-being of our drivers, clients, and the general public. This policy aims to create a safe working environment and promote safe driving practices within our driver business.

2. Scope
This policy applies to all drivers affiliated the business and covers all driving activities performed on behalf of the company.

3. Responsibilities
3.1 Management:

  • Management is responsible for implementing and enforcing this policy.

  • They must provide adequate resources and support to ensure compliance with safety guidelines.

  • Regular monitoring and review of the policy's effectiveness should be conducted.

3.2 Drivers:

  • Drivers must familiarize themselves with this policy and comply with all safety guidelines.

  • They should report any safety concerns or incidents promptly to their supervisor.

  • Drivers are responsible for ensuring they follow safe driving practices and adhere to all traffic laws and regulations.

4. Vehicle Safety

4.1 Vehicle Maintenance:

  • All vehicles used by our driver business must undergo regular maintenance and inspections to ensure they are in safe operating condition.

  • Drivers should conduct pre-trip inspections to identify any potential safety issues before each shift/trip.

4.2 Safety Equipment:

  • All vehicles must be equipped with necessary safety equipment, including functioning seat belts and first aid kits. Optionally, a fire extinguisher may be kept on board.

  • Drivers should ensure that safety equipment is readily accessible and in good working condition.

5. Safe Driving Practices

5.1 Defensive Driving:

  • Drivers should practice defensive driving techniques to anticipate and avoid potential hazards on the road.

  • Drivers should maintain a safe following distance, obey speed limits, and adjust their driving behaviour to prevailing road and weather conditions.

5.2 Distracted Driving:

  • Drivers must refrain from using mobile devices (except as permitted in various jurisdictions as a dispatch system and/or navigation device, or engaging in any other activities that may distract them while driving.

  • It is essential to focus solely on the task of driving and avoid any distractions that may compromise safety.

5.3 Impaired Driving:

  • Drivers must never operate a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any other substances that impair their ability to drive safely. In practice, this means having a blood alcohol concentration and/or illicit substance reading of 0.0%

  • Drivers should be aware of the company's zero-tolerance policy regarding impaired driving.

6. Training and Education

  • All drivers should receive comprehensive training on safe driving practices, defensive driving techniques, and the proper use of safety equipment.

  • Regular refresher training sessions should be conducted to reinforce safe driving behaviours and update drivers on any new safety procedures.

  • The company accepts evidence of completion of such training and education undertaken by drivers operating on other rideshare and hire car platforms as satisfactory completion of these requirements.

7. Incident Reporting and Investigation

  • Drivers should report any safety incidents, near misses, or hazards promptly to management.

  • Management should conduct thorough investigations of all reported incidents to identify root causes and implement corrective actions to prevent recurrence.

8. Continuous Improvement

  • This policy will be regularly reviewed and updated to reflect any changes in legislation or best practices.

  • Feedback from drivers, clients, and other stakeholders should be considered to improve the effectiveness of safety management measures.

By adhering to this Safety Management Policy, our driver business aims to prioritize the safety of our drivers, clients, and the public, ensuring a secure and reliable transportation service.