Q. Are you an Authorised Booking Service Provider with the Point to Point Transport Commissioner of NSW?
A. Yes, our authorisation number is BSP-419054.  It is worth noting that there are many personal transport operators who are not authorised and such operators are breaking the law.  As such, unregistered operators may have their insurances voided in the event of a claim and that may have a direct financial impact on you.

Q. What is a comfort class vehicle?
A. It is a minimum 7-seater SUV that can be configured for up to 3-4 people with luggage or up to 6 people (no luggage) for a group transfer.  We also have luxury sedans available for certain trips.

Q. What  happens if I require assistance getting in and out of your vehicle?
A. All our drivers are trained to provide assistance to people who may need it.  If you have mobility devices, please let us know in the comments section of our quote request form so that we can ensure there is appropriate room for its storage during the trip.

Q. Can I book a trip on behalf of another person?
A. Yes. We frequently receive requests of this nature.  Our quote request form has provision for advising the name and contact details of one of the travelling party.  Note that as the person making the booking, you are responsible to ensure payment is made according to our terms and conditions and that all passengers are aware of the booking details.

Q. How far in advance can I book a trip?
A. You can book up to 12 months in advance. Your trip is confirmed and locked in on payment of the quoted price which must be no later than 72 hours before the scheduled pick up time for the first trip segment.

Q. What checks have been applied to your drivers?
A. All drivers are required to pass a National Crime Check, have a current Working With Children certification, and have no major infractions on their driving record.

Q. What is the Passenger Services Levy that I see on my quote and invoice?
A. From 1 February 2018, all point to point transport service providers need to pay a temporary $1 Passenger Service Levy on all trips (including taxi, hire car and rideshare) taken in NSW, to help people like mums and dads and retirees who have put their lifetime savings into the industry and are now doing it tough.
The levy is funding an industry adjustment assistance package. Service providers can absorb the cost of the levy or pass it on to you. If the levy is passed on, GST is payable and $1.10 will be added to your fare.
The levy is included in the cost of your trip – you can check whether the levy is being passed on with your driver or service provider before your trip commences or when you make your booking.
The levy is only temporary – it will be in place until it raises the full amount required to fund the industry adjustment assistance package.

Q. Where can I be picked up and dropped off?
A. You can be picked up in any safe location, except in taxi ranks, bus zones, no stopping zones, and disabled parking areas (unless you carry a mobility sticker with you).  Your driver has sole discretion regarding the precise pick up and drop off location to ensure our safety standards are met.

Q. If I need to cancel a trip, is there a fee?
A. Due to the precise requirements for effective scheduling of our drivers and vehicles, cancellation fees are payable as noted below. Note that the cancellation charge only applies to the FARE + GST portion of the total fee. Costs that have not been incurred will not be counted in the calculation of the cancellation fee.
A. If cancellation occurs less than 72 hours but more n 48 hours prior to the pick up time, 25% of the fare + GST.
B. If cancellation occurs less than 48 hours but more n 24 hours prior to the pick up time, 35% of the fare + GST.
C. If cancellation occurs less than 24 hours prior to the pick up time, 50% of the fare + GST.
Amendments can be made at any time and PDO reserves the right to charge an administration fee of $50 + GST for each time an amendment is requested.

Q. Is my trip insured?
A. All vehicles are registered as business vehicles and carry the relevant Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance.  In the event of personal injury during a trip, the provisions of the CTP policy will apply.

Q. Do you transport parcels and packages?
A. Yes, by prior arrangement.  Note that such goods may not be insured for damage during transit and it is your responsibility to ensure the items are appropriately insured.

Q. Can I have my pets with my on the trip?
A. If your pet is a registered service animal and you can produce the relevant documentation, we are required by law to carry your pet.  If not, we are always happy to discuss how best to accommodate your pets in our vehicles.

Q. What happens if my flight is delayed and I can't make the scheduled pick up time with you.
A. We understand that the travel industry makes adjustments to its scheduling and airlines do so frequently.  Should there be a change to your travel plans, we ask that you contact us at your earliest opportunity.  This will allow us time to reschedule our service to you.  We monitor your flight departure and arrival times and will keep you informed of any changes that will affect our services.
If the delay is less than 3 hours, in most circumstances your driver and vehicle will remain the same as advised.  Should the delay exceed 3 hours, we may need to amend our resourcing and will advise you accordingly.
If, for any reason, we are not made aware of delays or cancellations, we reserve the right to charge a service amendment fee of $50 + GST plus any airport exit fees that are incurred by our driver.  "Last minute" cancellations incur a 100% cancellation fee plus any airport exit fees that are incurred by our driver.